A Brave Walk in Faith

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How do I take a broken life and allow God to use it for His glory?”  That’s what Lysa TerKeurst used to wonder.

And I wonder that too as I walk in faith towards my dream of writing a book.

Last week, with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, I studied phase one of Lysa’s book:  Leaving.

“You may or may not have to change physical locations,
but you will have to change your mind-set and your spiritual perspectives.”
~ Lysa TerKeurst

I also practiced the bible study skill of the week:  Journaling.

Journaling is something I struggle with doing consistently. Well, let’s be real, even spending time with God is something I struggle with doing consistently.

Now, I’m an early riser.  I love getting up before the rest of my family and having my “quiet time”.   You know, to check my email, and see if anything earth shattering happened overnight on Twitter.  Or to re-pin a ton of your ideas on Pinterest that I’ll never take the time to do.  Sometimes I drag myself to the gym.  Sometimes I’ll sit and read through an inspirational book as fast as I can hoping for that quick fix.

That early morning hour is the best of my day.  How about you?

But the other night I felt a nudge to wake up and journal. I sat in the dark with my little book light and started writing my words to God.   I felt I had so much on my mind I was going to explode.

I truly felt God waking me up saying “Kim, if you’re not going to give Me that best hour, I’ll just start waking you up earlier and earlier until you do”.

Ok, God, game on.

Time to get moving on that first phase of my walk in faith, Leaving.

“I’m afraid to pull back the curtain and allow others to see the real me”.

“I’m afraid to finally cry out the words I have been so scared to say before.”

Looking back on my journal, it was clear what I needed to leave behind.  Yep, my fears.

I need to be brave and leave those fears with God.  If He has called me to write, He will show me the way.

“The real treasure {of writing a book} was walking with God through the project.
Being reminded firsthand that God does indeed have a plan.”
~ Lysa TerKeurst


God certainly had the perfect plan to use Lysa’s past for His glory.  And I will walk in faith believing He will use mine too.

Are you with me?  No matter what dream you are pursuing with God, let’s be brave and walk in faith together.


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Bloom with a Walk in Faith

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“What is the dream God has given you?” That’s a question Lysa TerKeurst asks in What Happens When Women Walk in Faith.


The problem is, I am afraid to dream.

A while back, my husband and I were on a long overdue date night.  A night where I actually get “cleaned up” for dinner.  A night where we actually enjoy waiting for a table.  A night of intimate conversation with no teenager interruptions.  A night to finally pour out all that had been bottled up inside my heart.

Did I mention it was long overdue?

He knew I was feeling kind of lost in a new season of life.  I shared with him I wanted to do “something” in ministry.  I was thinking of leading a bible study, serving special needs, something.  He of course being the amazing husband he is, encouraged me to go for it.

I cried out “How can I lead others to God’s Word, when I can’t understand it myself”…”How can I serve a special needs ministry, when I struggle with my own son with special needs?”…”What would others think when I open up and they see the ‘messy’ stuff I’ve been hiding?”

When I shared my insecurities and fears, he encouraged me again, reminding me that I do have something to offer. Oh how I love this man!  All the while I was thinking (and crying), ‘why can’t I have the confidence in myself like he does’?

A lack of confidence in myself is a lack of faith in God.


Confidence.  Reward.  Endurance.  Promised.

After reading Lysa’s book, I put into practice Hebrews 10:35-36.  I learned to Walk in Faith.  I started a Bible study. I started serving. I started sharing. And one of my sweet friends shared how much I had blossomed in her eyes.

Now God has laid a new dream on my heart, to write a book. And here I am again afraid to dream.

In Lysa’s book she writes “The little seed of a dream to write books that would help others has sprouted and bloomed.” And because she and the other P31 authors took their Walk in Faith, their books are changing lives, including mine.

So I’m re-reading Lysa’s book and starting the journey once again.  What Happens When Women (are confident enough to) Walk in Faith? I can’t wait to find out!

Now it’s your turn:  What is the dream God has given you?   I’d love for you to join me for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies with Lysa’s book.  We just kicked off Week 1 so it’s not too late to join.


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Be Content in your In-Between

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Slow growth happens when I surrender to what life,
and maybe God, is trying to teach me
~ Jeff Goins, The In-Between

If you’re like me, waiting in the in-between, learn to be content in your here and now.  Take time to see how God is working in you, and growing you.

For me, it’s been 14 years of very slow growth.  My personal in-between has been from the day my son was diagnosed with autism, to the day I dream of, the day when a cure is found.  I trust that God has a plan for my son, but I don’t always trust in His timing.  I have been in such a hurry for Him to get us through it, to wake up one day and the autism magically be gone from my son’s life.

I’ve often wondered why my son wasn’t getting the “quick fix” other children with autism were?  But my son was making progress, and still is today.  He faces every morning with a smile on his face, despite the challenges ahead.  He touches the hearts of everyone he meets and works with.


God’s not done yet.  Not with my son, or with me.  And I’m learning to be content with that.  To see what He is teaching me in my in-between.

In Psalm 27:14, David teaches us to “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  In my waiting, God is teaching me to have a more appreciative heart.  While I may not be appreciative of the diagnosis of autism, I can be content and appreciate what He has taught me in this journey:

  • to celebrate my son’s ongoing progress, whether big or small.
  • to nurture my younger son’s heart for serving children with special needs.
  • to appreciate my strong marriage, despite the odds when raising a child with special needs.
  • to be patient, with both my sons and with His timing.

The wait sometimes is essential to appreciate the gifts that follow,
no matter how much we may resent the process
~ Jeff Goins, The In-Between


Now it’s your turn:  Share how you are content in your in-between – especially as it relates to your family.

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April – #BlessAReader

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It’s that time of the month – time to #BlogItForward.

My friend, Jolene Underwood, is building a community in which we #BlogItForward by linking up our favorite encouraging reads from our favorite Christian bloggers.


There were many bloggers blessed in the linkups last month.  I hope April brings even more encouragement with the challenge Jolene has issued: #BlessaReader.  I’m brainstorming something fun for my readers.  Check out her challenge and let me know how you bless your readers.

This linkup will be open until the end of April.  Won’t you join in by sharing your favorite finds throughout the month?  Then, if you are as crazy about social media as I am, further #BlessAReader on Twitter with the #BlogItForward so I can see them all.

Thanks so much for joining our community!

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