Wednesday Coffee for Your {grieving} Heart

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I am excited to start Holley Gerth’s weekly challenge.  I love her writing inspiration!


This post is certainly not what I had originally planned to “intentionally encourage those I care about as they begin a new year”.  I imagined lots of inspiration to help make 2014 the year to become the women God wants us to be.

However, God had a different plan.  Last week, my older cousin and her husband were killed in a motorcycle accident.

Gone.  In the blink of an eye.  Together.

There are no words.  No words for my sweet aunt grieving the loss of her oldest child a.k.a. “her rock”.  No words for my cousin’s children or grandchildren who face all their tomorrows without them.  No words for other women facing grief today.

But I’ve been encouraged and hope you will be too.  I have the privilege to be reading Sheila Walsh’s new book “The Storm Inside” (releasing 2/11/14).  It’s amazing!  I just read one of her stories referencing God’s truth in Psalm 139:

You saw me before I was born.
    Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out
before a single day had passed.
Psalm 139:16 (NLT)

Sheila writes:

“I often share this truth with those of us devastated by a tragic accident
that takes the life of someone they dearly loved.
Life can seem so random, so out of control,
but even while our hearts are broken,
there is a quiet confidence in knowing
that although their death seems too untimely to us,
to God they have finished their race.”
The Storm Inside, page 94

They have finished their race.  Yes, there are words for my grieving family.  And there are words for you too, sweet friends.  God’s Words.  And Sheila’s words He has given her.

Why do bad things happen?  I don’t know, but the One I believe in does.  I believe His words in the Psalm above.  I read the full text of Psalm 139 in my Women of Faith Study Bible.  And God delivered, again, through Sheila Walsh.  She is the author quoted for this Psalm (from her book Gifts for Your Soul).  Sheila writes:

“God is faithful…
if in the darkest times in our lives we will learn
to keep turning our face toward him,
He is faithful.
Faithful to be with us,
faithful to watch over us,
faithful to work in us to make us
the men and women we are called to be.”

So, it was God’s plan after all for this post to encourage you and I to become the women God wants us to be!  Let’s keep our faces turned toward Him.  Let’s follow Him.  Let’s be encouraged by His Word.