The Stress Cure – Book Review

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Release Date:  September 9, 2014

It would be silly of me to ask “do you deal with stress on a daily basis”?  We all seem to be dealing with stress today.   And if you’re like me, you may be choosing not-so-healthy ways to cope with it.

This is my first book of Linda’s to read.  The endorsement from Lysa TerKeurst is actually what brought it to my attention.   But when I read on the third page that we have parenting a child with special needs in common, I knew Linda was an author I would enjoy learning from.

In The Stress Cure, Linda teaches us to “unpack the prayer tools of peace Christ has given to us”.  She looks at how stress can impact our spiritual well-being with “soul blocks” including these that I could relate to:

  • Overwhelmed – “I’m wondering what resources and treasures have been locked inside you because of the emotional congestion in your heart and soul?”
  • Anxious – “Don’t pull a Jonah and run away from the fear God is calling you to face.  Remember who is going into the fearful situation with you.

Each of these “soul blocks”, listed in her table of contents, are defined within the chapters of her book.  Then Linda takes us on a creative journey through God’s Word, telling His stories through her imagination.

Each chapter includes a little room to journal how you personally will apply these passages to your own soul block, and also a specific prayer for you to communicate these blocks with God.

This is a great study book, and I imagine one that I will reference time and again as negative feelings brought on by stress arise.

You can also download a study guide to accompany the book:

I highly recommend this book as a personal resource for you to have readily available.  I quickly read the paperback version, but would prefer to have the kindle version so I can increase the tiny font.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads in exchange for my honest review.

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What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days – Book Review

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Today is the official release of Holley’s newest book, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days.  It is such a a sweet little devotional, and would make such a great gift for your family and friends.  It is also the perfect size to carry in your purse and be ready to share encouraging truths for anyone you encounter in your day.

As always, Holley knows exactly the encouragement her readers need.  Using God’s truths found in the book of Psalms, Holley has written 52 devotionals for our hard days.  Or even our easy days.  Holley’s gift of encouragement is truly for any day of the week.

As I sit to read these devotionals, I imagine Holley across from me, drinking coffee from her oh-so-cute red polka dot cup.  As I journal my morning thoughts and fears, I imagine her whispering to me those encouraging titles on each devotional:

“God wants to lift you up when life gets you down.”
“God will give you courage, not condemnation.”
“God will bear your burdens.”

Then Holley tells a story that I can always relate to, tying in the verse of the day.  In my favorite one, “God doesn’t want you to stay broken”, she uses God’s truth in Psalm 147:3 to encourage me:

“But God doesn’t want us to stay broken in any area of our lives.
He’s not an insurance adjuster holding out until
the last minute before he’s willing to repair the damage.
He wants us to be whole.  He wants to heal our hearts.
He wants to restore what has been damaged.”

Oh my, I needed that truth today in my quest to stop hiding and start seeking.  And if you are like me, sometimes unsure of what to say back to God, Holley gives us some simple suggestions in each devo’s What My Heart is Saying to You.

Each one of these 52 encouraging truths give us just enough to hold on to until we meet with Jesus (and Holley) again.

I hope Holley releases a journal to accompany this devotional as I wouldn’t dare write in the tiny space provided in this beautiful book.  And I wouldn’t mind a matching bookmark too :)

This is the fourth book of Holley’s I have read.  There are still even more for me to discover.  I hope to complete her “library” in my little quiet corner to find inspiration and encouragement no matter what the day brings.

Be sure to grab your copy and join Holley for her book club starting September 8.  More details here on Holley’s site.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads in exchange for my honest review.

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