Put Up Your Dukes

In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith,
with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
Ephesians 6:16 (NIV)

Growing up, I always pretended to be Wonder Woman.

Week after week I watched and imitated Lynda Carter spinning into Wonder Woman to fight the bad guys.  She had all the armor she needed to defeat them:  her belt of strength, her bullet-dodging bracelets; her lasso of truth.

She was strong.  She was brave.  She was fearless.

But today there’s a real enemy and his attacks are far worse than what I saw Lynda Carter defeat on TV.

As I pursue my call to write, the enemy tells me “you’re not good enough”, and “this is too hard for you”.  As I struggle to put my thoughts on paper, I start believing what I’m hearing.   I start feeling weak.  I start feeling scared.

So I hide.  I stop writing.  And the enemy wins.

Can you relate?  Maybe you too are pursuing a calling that the enemy is attacking.  If so, it’s time to “put up our dukes” and fight back.  Like Wonder Woman did with her bullet-dodging bracelets.

But as cool as those bracelets were, we have something much stronger:  Our shield of faith.

We must be intentional to “take up the shield of faith“.  Fighting the enemy is never easy.  To stop his “flaming arrows of lies”, we must stop hiding and start seeking:

  • Let’s seek God by spending time with Him.
  • Let’s seek God by getting to know Him through His word.
  • Let’s seek God by talking with Him about our fears through prayer.

Let’s show the enemy we trust God, and His shield will help us win the battle.

Now it’s your turn:  Think about the battles you are facing today in your calling.  Share one way you “put up your dukes” to fight the enemy.

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74 thoughts on “Put Up Your Dukes

  1. Yup- I hear you and am cheering you on in your calling. I fight against my own self defeating monologue through scripture, prayer and positive self talk.

  2. Hi Kim! Oh my goodness! I thought I was the only one who ever pretended to be Wonder Woman! I even made myself some bullet-dodging bracelets out of paper back then. What a precious memory you conjured up in my mind today. Thank you! Thank you also for the beautiful truths your post contains! I’m putting up my dukes by keeping my eyes focused on my God. Love your words! Keep writing! Much love.

    • Julie, how funny! I might have to get you to make me some of those bracelets sometime :) Thanks for the encouragment!!!

  3. Hi Kim, I have been stressing lately. I have a new book. And sometimes this fear and anxiety have been around lately. I have been praying a lot too. i know I will be fine by His grace.
    Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Thanks Ifeoma, great to meet you on the linkup and I’m so excited and will pray for your upcoming book release!

  4. You have no idea how much I needed this. In fact, I did not know how much I needed it until I read it. I am struggling with the same issue. Everyday I battle the thoughts that I am not good enough to write and help others. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. You just gave me a great pep talk.

    I had a pair of those bullet-dodging bracelets when I was a girl. I wish I still had them.

    • Oh Jenny, what fun those bracelets must have been! Let’s keep imagining we are wearing them today as our shield. You can do this!!!

  5. Don’t give up, Kim! That’s what the enemy wants. This time is not wasted and the more you write, the better you will become at your craft. I loved this post and envisioning you fighting as Wonder Woman. One thing I do to put up my dukes is memorize scripture. Those verses are like ammunition when we’re faced with the lies of the world. #WriteOn, friend.

    • Thanks Abby, you are such an awesome cheerleader for me! I need to work more on scripture memorization – thanks for the encouragement. Excited to see you later this summer when you’re in town!

  6. Kim! I totally smell what you are stepping in! Just this week my thoughts turned to the same old lines from the enemy. “You are not making a difference.” “No one gets anything out of what you write or say.” “Why bother writing or speaking? You will never ‘make it’.” Over and over, I have found that when I take my defeat to Jesus, He reminds me of my calling…of His calling on my life, and then I am renewed in my mind. Lovely post. #GraceTruth

    • Love that, Leah “totally smell what you’re stepping in” – ha! Thanks for the encouragement today!

  7. Kim, I was so happy to see you at LiveFree Thursday, even though I didn’t link up myself. I remember Wonder Woman too! I’m cracking up at the thought of Julie making the bracelets. One way I put up my dukes when the enemy attacks me is to read and recite scripture over and over. Try to memorize it and stand on it!

    • Thanks Betsy – hope to see you back on the linkup soon. I’ll work on that memorization – seems to be the key!

  8. This is such a timely message for me! I struggle with comparison to more seasoned writers and pick apart a lot of the pieces I produce. The enemy tries to distract me from these truths: 1. That my writing is an act of worship. 2. That if even one person is encouraged, the words were worth being written!! Thank you for this reminder and I know that I’m not alone in this experience now. Praying for you all!!

  9. Tomorrow I will speak about God’s Never-failing Love to a group of women and I have to put that shield of faith up to block the lies! “You aren’t able, you have nothing of value to say, you don’t understand the word well enough” and the list goes on. It’s a battle I choose to fit because God called me out to speak and love other women for Him! Thanks for sharing and thanks for keeping it real over here!

  10. Kim, I haven’t been able to shake this one small sentence in this post, all morning… you said, “you must stop hiding and start seeking.”
    That’s going with me into the weekend and next week. I’ve written it down on several post-its so I’ll see it and not forget. There is tender reward in seeking Him instead of hiding ourselves away in fear. My act of seeking lets God know I trust Him to be everything I need, instead of wondering what my next move is out of desperate self-preservation.
    This is so good.
    So thankful for you today, so thankful.

    • Hi Christine, great to connect again. I’m so glad those words moved you – God has certainly laid it on my heart to park on it for a while. Let’s keep sharing this journey together!

  11. This definitely got me thinking. I came over from Fellowship Friday. Something I’m doing is facing my fears and stepping out of my comfort zone to make some huge changes to better our family.

  12. Just like every week, Wonder Woman always found a challenge to face – we never run out of challenges to face either! So glad God surrounds and protects us! I know it’s only through Him, I can survive all these challenges!

  13. I can definitely relate to the enemy’s attacks when I’m following God’s calling, and the power and protection of God’s Word! And I used to play Wonder Woman too, so I like the comparison. :) Visiting from Grace & Truth. God bless!

  14. I love the thought that God is our shield…oh how true that is! Sometimes it’s hard for me to rest in His arms of protection, but it’s becoming more comfortable. Blessings to you!

  15. So true. We must not let the enemy win. Thank you for sharing this with us on Spiritual Sundays. I’m glad you found it and shared with us.

  16. I was fully encouraged by this e-mail in my struggle to pursue what God calls me to. I often hear the lies and believe them. Thank you for inspiring me to fight! Keep writing!

  17. THere’s a lot of truth here, affecting so much of our every day lives. I think identifying those areas we need to be a warrior in is a huge first step. Sometimes it isn’t so easy to see, which is why reading someone else’s is so helpful. Thanks for sharing this and linking up with Grace and Truth.

  18. How right you are! When we are walking in our calling, we must always be aware of the battles we are continually facing. The enemy will always try to defeat us in our mind to stop us before we ever get started. But, praise God that He has not left us helpless! Great post.

  19. Oh Kim, you’ve written a story about my own struggles, or “confidence battles”. I’ve taken a seat in that same questioning boat as you. Prayer has been one avenue to keep me straight. The Lord has answered as I’ve asked about this writing thing. :-) Another has been Scripture. Just last week Prov. 16:3 found its place on the wall above my desk: Put God in charge of your work, then what you’ve planned will take place.

    Amen and keep writing, my friend. Visiting you today from Intentional Tuesday.

    • Thanks Kristi for encouraging me, especially in prayer and reading my scripture. Love that Proverbs 16:3 – thanks for sharing!

  20. Kim, I love this. I remember those cool bracelets Wonder Woman wore. But you’re right; nothing beats our shield of faith.

    I put up my dukes and fight by worship, prayer, and sitting in that chair. I also play Christian instrumental music in the background to drown out those voices of discouragement.

    Keep fighting the good fight and put up your dukes, my friend. #IntentionalTuesday

    • Thanks Crystal, you are such a great supporter – turning on my music now with ‘butt in chair’ – thanks!

  21. Hi Kim! I’m coming over from Kelly’s Ra-Ra Link-up.
    I love your positive, strong message here! Of course I walk right with you in the writing thing. I felt called to do it too, but recent rejections and the slow cricket-chirp of silence in response is weighing me down. Ugh.
    I like the idea of putting up my dukes and fighting back! I means I’m in control, not some random editor. We both have good things to say, faithful things to say! Let’s keep doing that :)
    I feel like I met a sister today…

  22. It’s funny that you mention wonder woman because she is my daughter’s favorite. I certainly wrestle with same fears, but you are right, we can’t let the enemy get the best of us! Thank you for this encouragement.

  23. Kim,
    I think we pour so much of ourselves into our writing that have someone reject our work equals them rejecting us. Because aren’t our words an extension of what lives inside us?
    But God sees our intent better than anyone and we can claim victory, knowing we are following His call for our lives. Because He uses all of it, success and failure, to draw us close.
    So happy to be here today!

  24. I love Wonder Woman and how she exhibited such strength even though she was a woman. She was a role model for bravery for me. But God is the source of al our strength and we are blessed beyond measure that He provides us with the shield of faith which is much better than any superhero cape, bracelets or superpowers. Loved your post!

  25. Talking to myself out loud helps me fight – speaking words of truth, actively combatting the lies, but also praying that I will be aware of the lies. Sometimes they become so part of the fabric of who we are that we don’t even see them anymore. Thanks for this helpful post! I’m stopping by from Woman to Woman.

    • Great advice, Devi, to pray that I’ll be aware of the lies. Love that! Thanks for stopping by today.

  26. Kim! LOVE the Wonder Woman analogy! Reminds me of afternoons in the backyard with my sisters! I get the “not good enough.” I’m heading to writers conference in a couple of weeks (my first!!

  27. I too feel called to write and have those familiar struggles – thanks for reminding me about the armor of God and the shield of faith in particular! Joining you from #RaRaLinkup :)

  28. The enemy attacks my writing all the time. “It doesn’t matter.” “It’s not enough.” “Go get a regular job and settle into that.” “It’s not a big deal.” Oh the lies. I could go on. Sometimes I start to believe them until the second I speak them out loud to my closest friends. Then I know, and they tell me just to be sure I know, “It’s the lies of the evil one. Don’t believe them.” They should be so easy to identify — these lies. Goodness, they most certainly don’t come from God with all that negative hate. But when we keep them bottled up inside, it’s easy to start believing them. In addition to talking to a friend, one way I reject the attacks is to speak my trust and faith in the Lord out loud. It’s a powerful weapon. God did not leave us defenseless. Thanks for your words today. What a blessing!

    • Oh Jenni, you are speaking truth to this girl: “But when we keep them bottled up inside, it’s easy to start believing them. ” That’s me! Thanks for the encouragement to speak my trust and faith in the Lord out loud. Love that!

  29. I love the Wonder Woman picture! My Wonder Woman underoos were the best! Remember those? I fight this very regularly and like you, I often succomb to doubt and discouragement, and quit. But when the going gets tough….the tough put on the Wonder Woman underoos and put up our dukes, and fight back. Just like Galatians 6:9 declares, the harvest is there for us if we don’t give up! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Oh, Stephanie, you had underoos? I’m jealous :) Thanks for stopping by and I love that Galatians 6:9 you shared!

  30. Great post, Kim. For the longest I tried to ignore the enemy’s taunts but finally realized I have to fight back. I love to counter his comments with God’s truth! It reminds me of who I am and who is on my side and silences the enemy’s attempt to silence me! Thanks for linking up with #RaRaLinkup!

  31. Take up the shield of faith: good advice on any given day! Thanks, Kim. Sometimes I forget that I even have it. The Wonder Woman imagery is a help. :) I remember watching her on Saturday afternoons.

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