Bloom with a Walk in Faith

“What is the dream God has given you?” That’s a question Lysa TerKeurst asks in What Happens When Women Walk in Faith.


The problem is, I am afraid to dream.

A while back, my husband and I were on a long overdue date night.  A night where I actually get “cleaned up” for dinner.  A night where we actually enjoy waiting for a table.  A night of intimate conversation with no teenager interruptions.  A night to finally pour out all that had been bottled up inside my heart.

Did I mention it was long overdue?

He knew I was feeling kind of lost in a new season of life.  I shared with him I wanted to do “something” in ministry.  I was thinking of leading a bible study, serving special needs, something.  He of course being the amazing husband he is, encouraged me to go for it.

I cried out “How can I lead others to God’s Word, when I can’t understand it myself”…”How can I serve a special needs ministry, when I struggle with my own son with special needs?”…”What would others think when I open up and they see the ‘messy’ stuff I’ve been hiding?”

When I shared my insecurities and fears, he encouraged me again, reminding me that I do have something to offer. Oh how I love this man!  All the while I was thinking (and crying), ‘why can’t I have the confidence in myself like he does’?

A lack of confidence in myself is a lack of faith in God.


Confidence.  Reward.  Endurance.  Promised.

After reading Lysa’s book, I put into practice Hebrews 10:35-36.  I learned to Walk in Faith.  I started a Bible study. I started serving. I started sharing. And one of my sweet friends shared how much I had blossomed in her eyes.

Now God has laid a new dream on my heart, to write a book. And here I am again afraid to dream.

In Lysa’s book she writes “The little seed of a dream to write books that would help others has sprouted and bloomed.” And because she and the other P31 authors took their Walk in Faith, their books are changing lives, including mine.

So I’m re-reading Lysa’s book and starting the journey once again.  What Happens When Women (are confident enough to) Walk in Faith? I can’t wait to find out!

Now it’s your turn:  What is the dream God has given you?   I’d love for you to join me for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies with Lysa’s book.  We just kicked off Week 1 so it’s not too late to join.


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32 thoughts on “Bloom with a Walk in Faith

  1. Kim, there is such a sweetness about you. God is already using that, there’s no need to be afraid. I imagine that many of us, myself included, have felt that twinge of fear, doubt, or uncertainty. That silly darkness. When God has situated the dream, it has his strength and “can do” behind it. Darkness’ fear has no power over that. I love watching those blossoms grow. #Growbabygrow Yours included. Can’t wait to read the book.

  2. A lack of confidence in myself is a lack of faith in God. Wow! Did I ever need to hear those words today, Kim! I share your dream of writing a book. It’s a dream God has created in me, not one I ever thought I would want. Also, like you, I am blessed with a husband who has more faith in me than I can wrap my brain around. Thank you for your beautifully encouraging and inspiring words. They serve as a faith-building infusion to my soul.

    • Oh sweet Janet, I’m so glad they encouraged you – I can’t wait to hear more about your book when we get to meet this summer!

  3. Kim,
    This could have been my post! So good, and speaks so well of how I have often felt. I am writing a women’s Bible study, and will be teaching it to a pilot group beginning June 14. When I was simply dreaming of doing it, I was excited and loved it. Now that it is a reality? Fear threatens to choke me daily. The other day, I posted on FB asking if women were interested in being a part of this pilot group to comment. Honestly, I expected 5-10. Twenty women later, I have no clue where we are even going to hold this thing. OH yea, and there’s the detail of this Bible study is written in a notebook. I haven’t completed it nor have I typed it!
    Yet, I know this is where I am supposed to be. I know this is what I am supposed to be doing. It is good, and it is scary. And that fear? It keeps me tethered to the One calling me to write and speak.

    • Michelle, what a beautiful story of how you are Walking in Faith to the dream He has given you. I can’t wait to hear more about your Bible Study – that is amazing!

  4. I can’t wait to watch God work in your life as His plans for you unfold and you begin to bloom and flourish in that gift! Prayers for you as you embark on this exciting (and yes, oftentimes scary) adventure. The saying, “What if I fall? Oh, my darling, but what if you fly?” resonates so deeply within me on an almost daily basis. I, too, was scared when I realized that God was asking me to write. I’m not published, and to be honest, half of the time I’m still not even sure what the heck I’m supposed to be doing with this calling, but I know that HE KNOWS! And I know that as long as I follow Him and wait patiently during my winter months, that He will prune me to bloom exactly when He’s ready! Blessings!! #livefreeThursday

    • Thanks so much Crystal, you are such a beautiful encourager of our community of women wanting to #livefree!

  5. I lack sometimes in confidence in myself too. I have dreams and even when sometimes I think my dreams were dead, God reminds that in Him my dreams are possible. I am confident when I look at Him, I am brave when I look at Him. Thanks for encouraging me today! I’d love to read that book. I have read a book from that author and I loved it!!!!

    Tayrina from TGAWrites / Visiting from #livefreeThursday

  6. Wow, Kim! An amazing dream. I echo … go for it! (I love that we seem to be in a similar life phase … teenagers! Aren’t they amazing! and crazy! and mind-boggling! and crazy-driving!) Praying God leads you in the steps to take in order to see the fulfillment of your God-given dream! *hugs* Dianne

  7. I think you’d be surprised at the impact you are already making with your words. <3 I'm so grateful that you are a part of the #livefreeThursday community. <3

  8. Oh, Kim, how many times have I heard myself say the same things with fear in my voice and tears in my eyes. I so want to be used by God, but I feel like I’m too messed up to help myself much less anyone else. It’s good to know we aren’t alone in this, huh?
    Now, if I were talking to you I would tell you all the reasons why you are letting fear keep you from God’s plan and that it’s because of your trials that God wants to use you. The flaws that we think we have are really just cracks that allow God to shine through us and show Himself to others. If only I could take my own advice 😉
    Be brave, friend! We’re in this together!

    • Thanks so much Stephanie, I can’t tell you how much your encouragement means to me! And yes, we are in this together. Cannot wait to hug you in July!

  9. I enjoyed this book by Lysa as well. You said ”How can I serve a special needs ministry, when I struggle with my own son with special needs?” This, my friend, is precisely what qualifies you to minister- your best connection and mentoring comes from this place of struggle. In the upside down kingdom of God we lead from our weak places not our strong ones and Jesus + your story perfectly equip you for the task ahead. #livefree

  10. Kim, God is using you to bless so many of us!!! Here you are, writing, sharing, listening and abiding and D.O.I.N.G. — while some of us (I think I may be the leader of the pack…) who, like one of my grandsons when he was about 4 years old and on his first “soccer team”, stand looking at the roly-polys in the grass, oblivious to watching the soccer ball. Here I stand… looking at roly-polys while God patiently whispers to my heart…”Write. Write. Write. Share what I have done and am doing. Be an encourager. Step out in Faith.” Thank you for stepping out there, Kim! Thank you for showing the rest of us that there is survival after stepping out in faith. Please keep doing what you’re doing – You give such peace and encouragement! God Bless Big Time!!!

    • Pamela, thank you so much for stopping by and encouraging me. I’m still in the “pack” with you sweet friend but I’m trying hard and hopefully I can inspire you too! I want to read your words too as I know God has a message to share through you.

  11. Hi there, Kim. I might just check out that Bible study! I’ve been growing (or pursuing growth!) in the area of faith myself. Thanks so much for sharing about the book, the study, and some of your walk of faith. This is encouraging, friend!

  12. Oh Kim, I can so relate. I’m really thinking about joining this study but I really don’t like being late…hmmm. I’m going to go for it. 😀 And friend, we are all “messed up.” Those are the people God uses. Just look at David, Rahab, and many others. I’m rooting for you! Keep going. God’s got this.

    • Oh Abby, that’d be awesome for you to join us! There’s always time to “catch up” and I can’t wait to hear more of your own walk in faith!

  13. Isn’t it such a powerful book! So much of what Lysa is sharing is my heart cry and I have underlined, highlighted, circled, and annotated so much! I love when she said: “I was reminded that the book was not really about getting a book published…The real treasure was walking with God through the project.” That’s my dream … to walk through the process of writing the book He has laid on my heart and learn all I can from Him! Happy to be your #RaRaLinkup neighbor today :)

  14. I’m re-reading the book again too, Kim. Sometimes we mistake that confidence for something bad, don’t we? But you are so right, lack of confidence is lack of faith that God can do what He says He can do. Thanks, friend!

  15. Kim, I praise God for your honesty here. I praise God that he is leading you down the road of dreams. I can’t wait to see him answer. You are such a blessing. He has big plans for you. Thank you for encouraging my soul to pursue my dreams and to dream big! Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

    • Thanks for cheering me on, sweet Kelly! I love knowing you are on my “team” encouraging me every step of the way!

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