A Brave Walk in Faith

How do I take a broken life and allow God to use it for His glory?”  That’s what Lysa TerKeurst used to wonder.

And I wonder that too as I walk in faith towards my dream of writing a book.

Last week, with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, I studied phase one of Lysa’s book:  Leaving.

“You may or may not have to change physical locations,
but you will have to change your mind-set and your spiritual perspectives.”
~ Lysa TerKeurst

I also practiced the bible study skill of the week:  Journaling.

Journaling is something I struggle with doing consistently. Well, let’s be real, even spending time with God is something I struggle with doing consistently.

Now, I’m an early riser.  I love getting up before the rest of my family and having my “quiet time”.   You know, to check my email, and see if anything earth shattering happened overnight on Twitter.  Or to re-pin a ton of your ideas on Pinterest that I’ll never take the time to do.  Sometimes I drag myself to the gym.  Sometimes I’ll sit and read through an inspirational book as fast as I can hoping for that quick fix.

That early morning hour is the best of my day.  How about you?

But the other night I felt a nudge to wake up and journal. I sat in the dark with my little book light and started writing my words to God.   I felt I had so much on my mind I was going to explode.

I truly felt God waking me up saying “Kim, if you’re not going to give Me that best hour, I’ll just start waking you up earlier and earlier until you do”.

Ok, God, game on.

Time to get moving on that first phase of my walk in faith, Leaving.

“I’m afraid to pull back the curtain and allow others to see the real me”.

“I’m afraid to finally cry out the words I have been so scared to say before.”

Looking back on my journal, it was clear what I needed to leave behind.  Yep, my fears.

I need to be brave and leave those fears with God.  If He has called me to write, He will show me the way.

“The real treasure {of writing a book} was walking with God through the project.
Being reminded firsthand that God does indeed have a plan.”
~ Lysa TerKeurst


God certainly had the perfect plan to use Lysa’s past for His glory.  And I will walk in faith believing He will use mine too.

Are you with me?  No matter what dream you are pursuing with God, let’s be brave and walk in faith together.


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42 thoughts on “A Brave Walk in Faith

  1. Regularity is something I am not with God. Ashamed to admit that, but true. The nudges have been there and I listen sometimes and ignore at other times. This post is making me think about my ways versus His. Thank you so much.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. Oh yeah, putting God before those life-changing Twitter and Facebook posts – I am amazed that He even has to convict me about that! Let’s see, “I created kittens Angela.” vs. “See the kitty video.”
    How humiliating!

    Thanks Kim! One more reminder is one more that I needed!

    Visiting you today through Suzie’s place.

  3. Kim,
    The challenge of authenticity has been on my heart as well. As the words fly out o er the keyboard, my palms sweat and my heart races. Then doubt assails as I hit the publish key. I’m with you girl. This is a brave process- following God on this writing thing!

    Hang in and keep after it!

  4. Ah, yes. That early morning best hour! I love spending time with God first of all, and I struggle to do this when I’m on vacation and the bed beckons, then everyone else gets up and my quiet time becomes a noisy time. So, I’ve learned. Get up the same time, no matter what. I can always take a nap if I need to on those weekend and vacation mornings!

  5. I’m with Anita, I’ve learned to sleep in a WEE BIT on weekends, but still get up early, to beat my family to it. Otherwise I miss that quiet hour(or half hour!) with God, and believe me, it’s not pretty when I miss it… :-)

    Thanks to you, Kim, I started the #P31OBS too last week. I’m a week late, but really enjoying it at my own pace. I love the Bible study skill videos.

    • Betsy, I’m so glad you joined the study! I’m behind too, so no worries :) And I love those bible study skill videos too I’m learning a lot!

  6. I am with you! And the dreaming, writing, journaling, fears…. boy, can I relate! So thankful for you friend and your encouragement! Happy to walk in faith with you!

  7. Brave… A word I can’t be Without him!
    It’s always learning the discipline to do the little things that prepares us for the big things! Journaling was one of those things for me too… Now I am writing in 6 different journals daily… I am so excited that you are taking steps towards writing the book God placed in your heart. My book has been a 10 year long writing project with God and now I am working with editors and sales distribution and book designers to prepare to release it in Augus! Write. Your. Book. Kim! I can’t wait to read it! Be encouraged stay brave in Him! I am cheering you on! Love Danise

  8. I love to see how people are connecting with words others are writing and really soaking them in. It was refreshing to listen to you share about being a work in progress, and I am inspired.

  9. I love this, I’ve gone in a out of phases of journaling, but I agree that it helps us start to see our patterns and more often, what God is trying to tell us. Way to go for facing your fear!

  10. I, too, am an early riser! I, too, struggle with journaling! I, too, struggle with quiet time! It’s like we’re soul sisters! Stopping by from #SoulFriends link-up. :) Your post was a blessing to me!

  11. I had to smile, because I can see that God is a consistent Father. He treats you the same way He treats me — with gentle love and persistence. This month has been a reminder that God will take us to the edge of what we think is possible. It takes a lot of faith to be brave and stay on course with Him. Your post helped me to feel that I’m not alone in this. Grateful for that, friend!

  12. I’m a morning person, too. It is when Jesus and I have the best time together. You are so right…if He has called you to write, He will show you the way. Stopping by from #RaRalinkup.

  13. I’m an early riser, too! After I read my daily Bible reading plan, I hop on over to my favorite blogs and get my dose of inspiration for the day:) I need to start using that time to share with God, as well. I love your journaling idea. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow!

  14. Visiting your blog again through the RaRa Linkup, Kim. I didn’t post this week, but couldn’t help but stop in to see what you had to say. You write words that could come from my own soul. I will pray for you on your journey to write your book, as I travel that same journey with you. If it’s God’s plan for us, nothing will stop it. I’m proud to take that brave walk of faith with you!

    • Oh Janet, you are so sweet! Yes, let’s walk this out together. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Kim, I love your courage to step out. To walk by faith. God rewards that foot that steps out in turbulent waters. He so has you. I know the feeling of walking unsure. Thank you for encouraging my heart to go there too! Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith!

  16. I could have written this myself, Kim!

    I used to journal a lot. Not so much anymore. Partly because it takes so long and my hand hurts trying to keep up with my mind. I do have a journaling app that helps with that. But I still don’t do it very often. It is a wonderful way to see your thoughts in front of you, though. You can’t hide from them.

    Yay as you pursue your book! Looking forward to seeing how God uses you with this!

  17. I struggle with the mornings. I get up so early to get to work by 7. I try to get up earlier than I should to study the Bible. Most days, I succeed but others, I do not. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me what is important.

    • Yes, it’s hard, Jenny, I’m trying to remember we have to just do what works best for us and sometimes that may not be mornings – just as long as we do prioritize that time in our day. Enjoying being on my #walkinfaith with you!

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