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Reclaiming Home by Krista Gilbert

I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t need to read Reclaiming Home, Krista Gilbert’s Family Guide for Life, Love & Legacy.

I love that Krista has taken on the challenge of empowering us to reclaim our homes. She encourages us to:

“…create a rooted lifestyle where we trade fancy toys that burn out
for simple wooden blocks that last for generations.”

I especially love that she inspires us to focus on our marriages first:

“We don’t want to wake up in the empty nest
and see a stranger sharing our home.”

Isn’t that the truth? I’ll be revisiting that chapter often!

Krista encourages us to reclaim imperfection:

“We struggle with the gap between what we imagined life would be,
what we desperately hoped or hope for,
and what actually is our present reality.”

That chapter really hit home for me as Krista shares about her friends who have a daughter with down syndrome. As a mom to a son with autism, our life is certainly not what we imagined. But it is what God imagined for us. Even knowing that doesn’t stop me from comparing my life to others around me and how “perfect” they appear.

“The two best practices I have learned when fighting comparison
are prayer and gratitude.”

Reading Krista’s encouragement to journal both of those habits has inspired me to do just that.

As a wife and mom, Krista gets that we are all running ourselves ragged and struggling to keep quality time as top priority:

“Reclaiming our homes begins with taking inventory of how we spend our minutes.
The sum of those minutes is, after all, how we spend our lives.”


“Through years of trial and error, I’ve come to the realization that
putting small routines and habits into practice make a huge difference.”

My all-time favorite parts of the book are the practical tips and “Love Dares” that Krista includes at the end of each chapter. You can implement these immediately. Seriously!

I have no doubt Krista’s book is one I will turn to again and again. The struggle to reclaim our homes is real. If you are looking for practical ideas from a passionate author, I highly recommend this book. And what a beautiful Christmas gift it would be to all the families in your life!

Visit Krista on her beautiful blog here and order your own copy of Reclaiming Home here.

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