If you just want to know some fun facts, here’s a 4×4 I posted for the Declare Conference in 2014.

What do you write about?

I’m Kim Stewart and I live in Texas with my husband Paul and our two teenage sons.  God laid it on my heart a while back to write a book and I am just now pursuing it, beginning with journaling and blogging.  I was blessed to attend two writing conferences in 2014 and was often asked “what do you write about?”  Well, I’m an inconsistent blogger who blogs about her inconsistent faith.  Okay, I don’t really blog about that, but the inconsistency, yes it’s real.

God is shouting “the time is now” and He’s asking me to stop hiding, and start seeking.

I’m a stuffer who builds barriers.  My default coping skill is to hide.  Not only hide, but also distract myself with not-so-healthy “obsessions” to comfort me.   These distractions have carried me through years of autism, death of family members, and broken relationships.  All the while, fooling myself into believing I was seeking God at the same time.

I fondly remember the game of Hide & Seek from my childhood.  You can’t do both, so it’s time to choose.  I choose to stop hiding, and start seeking God with all my heart.

I imagine there might be other women out there who struggle with the same issue.  If that’s you by chance, let’s create a new game together called Seek & Find.  Let’s uncover our hiding places, seek God daily, and find comfort in Him alone.

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  1. Hey Kim!
    I’m inspired by what I have just read tonight. I’m so glad I “stumbled” on your blog.
    I recently read about SheSpeaks conference and I know God is calling me to write and speak!
    So I googled the 2015 dates, and I found your site!
    Thank you for sharing your heart. I love how God speaks to your heart about “Seek and Find” !!! I love your illustration of when we were kids we played hide and seek and we couldn’t do both. God is so creative with how He speaks to us!
    I hope I can meet you at the next SheSpeaks conference!
    Keep writing for Him! Praying that for you even the times you don’t feel like it that He will bless you with strength !
    Sister in Christ

  2. Kim, I am a new member to Compel, and found your name as I searched to see if there were any other writers from the Plano area… Voila! I LOVE your blog! I LOVE your words! You inspire me to follow my heart as God has also placed writing and blogging and sharing and growing on my heart in in my dreams! A couple gal-friends and sisters in Christ from my church are also budding writers and we’ve talked about getting together with other Christian writers in our area to brainstorm and support each other. If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you! And if not, I’ll still be inspired by your postings! God Bless!

  3. Hey Kim- Your blog and writing is beautiful. I am a recent member to Compel and thankfully found your blog. I am slowly taking steps out of “hiding”. I am just beginning and learning the basics of blogging. I feel like I have such a far way to go but am truly excited about the journey.
    Thank you for sharing and being inspiration.

  4. Kim,
    I love your words, “I fondly remember the game of Hide & Seek from my childhood. You can’t do both, so it’s time to choose. I choose to stop hiding, and start seeking God with all my heart.” I’ve spent so much of my life building barriers to protect myself. I’m so ready to stop hiding, and start seeking. So glad to have connected.

  5. WOW! I love your about me Kim. I love your transparency. Thank you for that. I was a hider for many years that really was learned behavior early on. I stayed surface and didn’t allow myself to go too deep with the people God brought into my life, specifically women. Naturally a social butterfly, I was able to hide my hurt very well. I got in and out faster than anyone could get too close. That’s part of my testimony that I’ve been stewarding it since a trip I took to Africa three years ago. Now, I’m totally walking in the freedom Christ has given me and love opportunities to love others along the way. Our God is able to do anything and I am grateful for the journey, every bit of it! I’m so glad to find you here. God bless you in your journey and I look forward to the day I see you writing posts about that book you’re going to write. EXCITING! <3 Amy

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