Declare Conference 4-by-4

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Headed here to Dallas for the Declare Conference next week?  I’m so excited to meet ya’ll!.

I love this idea of the 4×4 linkup so we can get to know each other before next week.  My most recent photo is from last week’s She Speaks conference- I’m on the left with the huge smile on my face getting a few seconds with my all-time favorite author, Lysa TerKerust, and my friend, Abby.



  1. I love Jesus, but struggle to make my relationship with Him top priority.
  2. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 18 years.
  3. I’m mom to 2 boys, ages 14 and 16.
  4. I took belly dancing for two years in junior high.  No, really, I was good at it.  You’d never know looking at me now – ha!


  1. I cannot pass up a free kindle book offer.
  2. I do not like to cook.
  3. My choice of cable provider is dependent on the maximum number of shows I can DVR at the same time.
  4. I only watch sports if they first highlight personal stories on the athletes.


  1. It’s a work in progress (like me).
  2. I attended my first She Speaks conference last week and am so excited to immediately follow it up with my first Declare Conference. And then hopefully follow that up with lots of writing!
  3. I have a strong desire to encourage women (including myself) to get super excited about reading God’s Word.
  4. I want to write a book about some of the struggles I’m facing and/or have overcome, and am waiting patiently (well, sort of) on God’s timing for that.


  1. Traveling with my family on new adventures
  2. Reading Christian non-fiction
  3. Papercrafting (cards, journals, canvas)
  4. Watching reruns of Friends

So now give me your 4×4, or the link to it so I can visit!  I’m praying for all of you and look forward to our time together in Wild Obedience at Declare next week!

Join Me for the Declare Conference

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I am so excited to attend my first blogging conference in less than 2 months!


The Declare Conference is an annual blogging conference for Christian women.  Women who blog about all different topics, run different businesses, yet we all come together in our common goal to glorify God in everything we do.

I first learned about Declare last year right as I was getting interested in blogging. I was so excited to discover it was in my hometown of Dallas. But imagine my disappointment when I found out it was the same week we had a vacation scheduled (awesome as it was) so I had to wait until this year to attend.

The theme this year is Wild Obedience.  Take a look at their website and you’ll see the most amazing lineup of speakers and sessions. I am SO looking forward to meeting these great women I admire, making new friends, and especially learning new skills to use as I step out in Wild Obedience to what God has planned for me.  Won’t you join me?