Applying God’s Word to Setting Goals

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It’s that time of the year! Time to set goals for 2016.

If you’re like me, that means setting really big goals. And already feeling like a failure before January is even over. Why? Because I didn’t have a plan. And we all know, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Well, I’m determined 2016 will be different, how about you? Instead of hiding behind my feelings of failure, I’m going to seek God’s help first.

Seek, not hide.

My sweet friend, Arabah Joy, has released Grace Goals, an incredible biblical resource for us to seek God’s Word in setting our goals for 2016.

Grace Goals by Arabah Joy

Goal setting resources out there fail to go deep enough
on a spiritual level to actually equip us to change.
They give us great ‘how-to’ but not enough ‘carry-through’
~ Arabah Joy

Grace Goals is a $15 online course and in it you will receive:

  • a 48-page e-workbook
  • 5 mini workshops within the workbook
  • a Printable Pack within the workbook
  • Invitation to Arabah’s private Facebook Group (optional – you know for those who might want some accountability?)

Grace Goals by Arabah Joy

“Setting goals begins with understanding what we want.”
~ Arabah Joy
{John 1:38}

So, won’t you join me? Let’s seek not hide and set Grace Goals for 2016.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for the Grace Goals course. If you purchase Grace Goals by clicking on any of the links within this post, I will receive a small commission. This commission is used to help fulfill my ministry of Social Media Marketing for ministries and Christian authors and bloggers.