What’s Your Story?

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There was a woman sent from God. Her name is Kim.
(Thanks Suzie for inspiring me to #livefree)

God laid it on my heart over a year ago to write a book and I am just now pursuing it, beginning with journaling and blogging.  I’ve been blessed to attend two writing conferences this past year and was often asked “what do you write about?”  Well, I’m an inconsistent blogger who blogs about her inconsistent faith.

Okay, I don’t really blog about that, but the inconsistency, yes it’s real.

God is shouting “the time is now” and He’s asking me to stop hiding, and start seeking.

I’m a stuffer who builds barriers.  My default coping skill is to hide.  Not only hide, but also distract myself with not-so-healthy “obsessions” to comfort me.   These distractions have carried me through years of autism, death of family members, and broken relationships.  All the while, fooling myself into believing I was seeking God at the same time.

I fondly remember the game of Hide & Seek from my childhood.  You can’t do both, so it’s time to choose.  I choose to stop hiding, and start seeking God with all my heart.

I imagine there might be other women out there who struggle with the same issue.  If that’s you by chance, let’s create a new game together called Seek & Find.  Let’s uncover our hiding places, seek God daily, and find comfort in Him alone.

So now it’s your turn:  What’s Your Story?

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