Love Him With All Your Heart

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What is holding you back from going deeper in your relationship with God?”

Lysa TerKeurst poses that question in her book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.

For me, it’s my insecurities.  What about you?

I want to have a deeper relationship with God, yet I feel ill-equipped to know where to start.   I want to minister to women in some way, yet I’m so intimidated.   If I can’t even get a handle on my own relationship with Him, who am I to lead others to him?

So I continue to stuff those insecurities down deep inside my hiding place.  Can you relate?

Lysa encourages us:

If you are in the thick of living with all that life throws at you
and you simply whisper “yes“, you are equipped”.
~ Lysa TerKeurst

She makes it sound so easy, huh?  Say yes.  Learn about Him.  Love Him.  With all your heart.  With all  your soul.  With all your strength.


I like to think I love God that way, but Lysa’s book inspired more meaning to that verse for me.   

If we are going to truly love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength, we have to first say “Yes” to trusting Him.   Trusting Him means no more focusing on our insecurities, and instead focusing only on Him.  Seeking Him.

He will equip us with all we need.

So, what is holding you back from going deeper in your relationship with God?  Let’s stop hiding, and start seeking together.

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